Marjory House

Residing in Cottage Grove, OR with her partner and her three children, Marjory strives to educate and inform the members of her community about the benefits of a holistic approach to agriculture.  Her dedication to the understanding, application and promotion of Biodynamic farming is recognized throughout her community and throughout the biodynamic community at large.


Marjory conveys her extensive knowledge of agriculture, horticulture, and nutrition in an accessible manor with confidence, intelligence and a smile.  Her passion is unmistakable and contagious, and she is excited to share her expertise with those who also desire to grow high quality, nutrient rich food using the most ecologically harmonious methods.  She can help you achieve sustainable agriculture for a prosperous future.



    Marjory House has been gardening and/or farming in the Willamette valley for 20+ years. Having come from a farming and ranching family she knew that she did not want to become a conventional farmer and didn't originally even plan on doing it at all. She moved to Eugene, Oregon from eastern Oregon and Idaho to attend teacher training at the Waldorf school there. After going through the interview and essay process she decided it was not her path and attended herbology and nutrition school at the Center for Herbal studies instead. There she received a certificate in herbology and nutrition.

   Still an avid reader of Rudolf Steiner she discovered the agriculture lectures and found a deep connection with their insight. "It was the agriculture course that told me i needed to be a farmer", she says. "The sense that what is missing from modern day farming is that the soil and therefore the food is devoid of nutrition." In 1999 she care took the Whipple farm in Yoncalla Oregon. Not knowing it had been managed using Biodynamic practices already, it was there that she first attempted to make the BD preparations on her own. It was also there that she discovered her passion for apple orcharding.

   In 2000, she attended a beekeeping course with Gunther Hauk at the Pfeifer center in Spring valley, New York. There she discovered the research library of Erenfried Pfiefer. She suggested to the staff there that they hold a biodynamic agriculture intensive course for folks who might have to travel from far away, like herself. A few years later they did! She was able to attend the first agriculture intensive there in 2005 and in 2009 at both Hawthorn valley and the Nature Institute in upstate New York. Since then she has attended numerous lectures, courses and conferences all over the U.S. It was at the Pfeiffer center that Malcolm Gardener informed her that a fantastic group of preparation makers existed in Oregon! Marjory joined the Oregon biodynamic group meetings that next spring and has been an active member since. She farmed and gardened at Bleu fox farm for eleven years ( off and on with the birth of her three children during that time) before starting Branch road farm in 2010, with another member of the Oregon BD group. She moved to Kizer creek farm in 2014, a seven acre, certified organic apple farm with over 450, twenty five year old established apple trees. She and her partner were able to purchase the farm in 2016. Currently, along with the apples, they grow seasonal vegetables for markets and restaurants and seed for Serro seed, a Biodynamic seed company. She began teaching and consulting outside of the Oregon BD group in 2011.  She feels that she is still learning about Biodynamics, farming and gardening "all the time". She has run a fruit tree pruning business for 15 years. Her consulting business, gobiodynamic can be found as a facebook page and on the web as

   Beyond biodynamics and certifications in nutrition and herbology as mentioned above, she received a degree in ethnobotony from the University of Idaho, a certification in permaculture design from the Cascadia Permaculture Institute with Jude Hobbs and Toby Hemenway, and has taken numerous courses in soil biology from Elaine Ingham.



   Marjory House has been gardening and farming in the Willamette valley of Oregon for over twenty years. She currently owns and operates a seven acre farm with over 450 apple trees, and over an acre of vegetables grown for restaurants, farmers markets and Serro biodynamic seed company. She has maintained a fruit tree pruning business for fifteen years and a biodynamic consulting business for the last seven years. She can be reached through her website .


Marjory has been a member of the Oregon Biodynamic Group since 2004 and has attended numerous conferences and post educational opportunities.  She has worked as a professional gardener, orchardist, and farmer, and is experienced with beekeeping as well.


University of Idaho

Associate’s Degree, Ethno-botany/nutrition

1992 – 1995


Center for Herbal studies

certification in herbology and nutrition

1995 – 1997


Cascadia Permaculture Institute

Certificate of completion of permaculture Design course



Independent Studies

  • Pfeifer center Bio-Dynamic Agriculture 2009 intensive Spring valley, NY.

  • Pfeifer center beekeeping course with Ghunter Hauck, Spring valley, NY. 2001

  • Agriculture course at Hawthorne valley and the Nature Institute 2010

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