Initial Consultation


A personal visit to your property/farm or pre-discussed alternate location.  Discussion of what practices and infrastructure has already been established and what agricultural models are being followed.  Determination of desired goals and of how the existing infrastructure and practices fit the biodynamic model and what changes would need to take place to achieve the desired goals.   



A meeting/presentation dedicated to educating you and/or your staff to biodynamic practices.  An introduction to the philosophy of anthroposophy and to Rudolph Steiner, orienting those attending to the mission and intention of biodynamic practices.  Direction on how to implement biodynamic practices at your property and discussion of the benefits of implementing these practices. 



A complete walkthrough of the conversion of your farm/orchard/vineyard to the Demeter biodynamic standard.  From initial property assessment, you will be guided through the process of conversion to biodynamic practices.  Provision with the proper contacts to attain the necessary resources to  build the appropriate infrastructure for your operation.  Instruction on how to engage in proper biodynamic practice and application.  Guidance with certification application and submission processes.  Assistance with any complications regarding certification, should they arise

Follow Up


Continued assistance and oversite of your operation at your discretion to maintain the biodynamic standard.  Verification of proper practices and applications.  Troubleshooting complications related to horticultural conversion and successful propagation.  Advisement on crop maintenance and necessary adjustments to maintain certification.